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Theatre Course

Avenue de Sévelin 56, 1004 Lausanne


Chris' method is based on 3 fundamentals:

 First: Routine 21 to learn more about yourself

Second: Method Acting that allows you to learn about your character and

Third: Improv & Game to apply and practice what you have learnt



Routine 21 is the starting point of the method. This step is essential to learn more about yourself before moving on to fundamental 2. 

This routine will allow you to relax and strengthen your diaphragm, realign yourself, improve your diction, pose your voice and learn relaxation exercises.

By practicing this routine, you 
release tension, energize the body, and become more open. 



Through this method, we do not try to become good actors but to be sincere. And it is through our sincerity that we become good actors. 

To achieve this sincerity we use Method Acting.

The method will allow us to discover who your character really is (your role), where he or she comes from, why a character does what he/she does, etc.

The method goes beyond analysis, you integrate the character at the psychological, physical, and emotional levels. 



Improvisation and Games give you access to your creativity, and spontaneity and improve your concentration.

These exercises allow you to let go and be freer in your actions as well as in your everyday life.

This is the last step of the fundamentals that allows to connect Routine 21 and Method Acting to put into practice what you have learned.

The course is suitable for actors as well as for people looking for personal development and growth. Discover actor tools that allow you to work on:  

Stress Management
& Relaxation

Let go

Public Speaking



Diction &
Voice Pose 

Prices & Conditions 

CHF 200. - per month
3h of classes per week
Wednesday evening from 19h to 22h 
Opportunity to participate in workshops
- 50% if already enrolled

Monthly payment
1 free test class
Minimum 3-month commitment 
+ annual registration fee of CHF 50. - 

Courses start on October 5, 2022
Courses end on June 28, 2023 
Classes follow school holidays and public holidays in the canton of Vaud

Possible to join during the year 


Testimonial - Routine 21 

Julian, B.

Chris' coachings are imbued with a lot of experience. His acting experience means he knows what he's talking about. He also does not hesitate to share his life journey, which makes the sessions very rewarding. His working methods are well constructed and individualized.

Julian, L.

I called Chris as part of a search for personal development. I had his coaching both in group and in individual sessions. Chris is a great teacher, patient, emphatic, and demanding of himself. His classes are well structured and each time I came out of them feeling that I had understood something deeper about myself. I warmly recommend it.

Anna, R.

Chris coached me on several occasions such as auditions. He is the person you can trust. He helped me to know myself better and to overcome several blockages that were causing me problems in my work. His classes allowed me to gain self-confidence. His coaching can bring something beneficial to everyone!


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