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Chris Dutoy 
Professional Actor | Life Coach | 32

He started acting in 1998 at the age of 8. In 2019, aged 29, he became a professional actor after he has completed his training in Movement Psychology & Character Analysis at the Giles Foreman Center for Acting in London.  


Once he was back from London and passionate about the Psychology of Movement, he created his own personal development program, mixing his life experiences and knowledge acquired during his training.

Its program will allow you to better manage your stress, gain self-confidence, let go, dare to express yourself and speak in public, feel better about yourself and discover your true potential.  

This method allowed him to accept himself, gain self-confidence and fight his deepest fears (social phobia).  

"I am sure that this method can bring something beneficial to everyone! When I think back to how I was a few years ago, Wow! It's day and night."

Anastasiia Dutoy
Nutrition Coach | Personal Trainer | 26 

She arrived in Switzerland at the age of 15, following more than 2 years of bed rest due to asthma, which could not be treated in Ukraine. Thanks to Swiss medicine, Anastasiia recovered in less than 6 months. As her parents were unable to receive medical care for her in Ukraine, they decided to move her to Switzerland. 

Once the asthma was treated, Anastasiia focused on: treating her depression and her excess weight which had set in during the last 5 years of illness. With this goal in mind, she studied nutrition and worked on these habits. She was so impressed by the changes it brought into her life that in 2019 she became a nutrition coach (AFPA). 

To become stronger, she also immersed herself in sports, aiming to become a professional athlete in running. Passionate about the field, she has also become a Personal Trainer (FitsPro).

Today, Anastasiia guides you through your wellness journey offering you a personalized program for getting in shape, losing weight, and toning your body while helping you to deal with mental hardships and stress that come along the way. 

She also prepares you for your first 10km running challenge :)


Her coaching program will allow you to obtain and maintain long-term results whatever your objective.

“And don’t forget that it is our weaknesses of the past that make us stronger today!” - Anastasiia

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