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Private Coaching | Chris


About the course


My teaching methods adapt to each person, body, and situation experienced. I will create a personalized program, according to your needs. The program will evaluate as you progress.  


My journey in the world of theater, cinema, and personal development has allowed me to understand in-depth how our body and our mind interact.

This passion has always accompanied me and allows me to keep up to date with new methodological studies.


The objective - is to give tools, practice them and apply them.

What you will find in the program: ​


Body expression | Verbal expression | Diaphragm strengthening | Personal development | Understanding stress | Motivation | Create a habit | Interactive games | Relaxation




CHF 120.-

1-hour consultation

At Home or at Coaching Space

CHF 100.-

1-hour consultation

By Webcam

* The first hour offered will be used to get to know you. I will leave you this space to talk about your background and your goals, and then plan         your personalized program.

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Julian, B.

Chris' coachings are imbued with a lot of experience. His acting experience means he knows what he's talking about. He also does not hesitate to share his life journey, which makes the sessions very rewarding. His working methods are well constructed and individualized.

Julian, L.

I called Chris as part of a search for personal development. I had his coaching both in group and in individual sessions. Chris is a great teacher, patient, emphatic, and demanding of himself. His classes are well structured and each time I came out of them feeling that I had understood something deeper about myself. I warmly recommend it.

Anna, R.

Chris coached me on several occasions such as auditions. He is the person you can trust. He helped me to know myself better and to overcome several blockages that were causing me problems in my work. His classes allowed me to gain self-confidence. His coaching can bring something beneficial to everyone!


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