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Healthy, Tasty and Easy Fruit Smoothie - 3 Easy Steps

Smoothies can be a great idea to add fruits in your diet that are so rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and phytochemicals - all these goodies that your body really wants and needs for it is well-being.

Many people, however, struggle to find healthy options that tastes good and do not take too much time. So what is the secret behind a healthy, tasty and easy to make smoothie?

1. Use only 2 or 3 ingredients.

To make a healthy and tasty smoothie you do not necessary need to include many ingredients.

Choose 3 ingredients like a liquid like milk and 1 to 2 fruits is a good option. Focus on fruits you like.

You do not need all the fancy superfoods to be healthy. Although I do not deny that these options are a good addition, we can absolutely get all our daily nutrient needs without over spending on super expensive foods and without confusing ourselves with a number of these products, and which one to include and so on..

2. Think of replacing added sugar with naturally sweet-tasting foods.

To make a smoothie taste better many people turn to adding syrups, honey or other sugar added ingredients. Instead, try adding fruits that have naturally sweet taste.

For example:

  • Take banana as your smoothie base. Banana also blends well with all the other fruits.

  • Other super sweet fruits include: grapes, pears, mango. Use them as your base in a smoothie or blend together with another fruit for a satisfying naturally sweet taste.

  • Use dattes. Dattes are considered as fruits as well. But I thought put them in a separate category, add them to any smoothie and it will work better than any syrup you add (promise;)

Make sure you choose ripe fruits for maximum taste and health benefits.

3. Use plant-based milk without added sugars

Even if you a big lover of dairy products, you should still try a smoothie based on a plant-based milk.

Some people are afraid that plant-based milk tastes blunt but it all depends on your taste preferences how you use it.

There is quite a variety of plant-based milk out there. My absolute favourite milk to use in a fruit smoothie is a coconut milk, it is just so smooth. You can probably never go wrong this one.

Other great options for smoothies are oat milk, almond milk and soy milk.

Experiment with different choices to find your favorite.

Let me know if this post was helpful, and if you would like more content like this.

With Love,


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